Gastronomy in Puerto Plata

Discover Puerto Plata’s best traditional dishes

Traveling means having a gastronomical experience, trying different typical dishes from the place where you are vacationing. The gastronomy of Puerto Plata is based on simple, traditional ingredients which, along with its European and Asian influences, give rise to delicious fusions of flavors.


One of the typical dishes of Puerto Plata and of the Dominican Republic that you must try is known as bandera dominicana, or Dominican flag. It has rice, beans, meat or fish, salad, and fried plantains. Many Dominican families eat this traditional lunch daily. You’ll surely want a second helping of this simple yet tasty dish.

Pica pollo

This recipe, based on fried chicken, triumphs for its exquisite marinade, which is just as good as any of the big fast food chains in the United States. What gives this dish a special flavor is that the meat is marinated in spices for an entire day. The spices mainly include beer, sweet paprika, thyme, oregano, black pepper, and tarragon. This makes the meat juicier and more flavorful. Later, it is breaded and fried. It is usually accompanied by French fries or fried plantains.


Another of the most traditional dishes of the Dominican Republic is known as moro. This dish is a mixture of beans, rice, and meat which is occasionally accompanied by coconut. This recipe is very similar to bandera dominicana. However, unlike bandera, in which the ingredients are served separately, in moro, they are cooked together. It is also a very common dish in other Latin American countries where it is known by other names.


Mamajuana is not a dish, but rather the most famous traditional drink of the Dominican Republic. It is made of rum, of course, as it is the country’s main product, to which red wine, honey, and a large number of roots, peels, and herbs are added. It is then left to steep for at least a week. This liquor is traditionally associated with an endless number of beneficial properties, from use as an aphrodisiac to medicinal properties. 

Habichuelas con dulce

A must on this list is one of the typical desserts of the Dominican Republic: habichuelas con dulce. This dish is made from boiled red beans to which sweet potatoes, raisins, coconut milk, evaporated milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, butter, and sugar are added. The recipe varies slightly from family to family. Some also add cloves and ginger to boost the flavor. The result is a thick, chocolate-colored dish that is usually accompanied with cookies.


This dish is typical in several Caribbean countries such as Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica. Majarete, which looks similar to flan, is made from coconut milk and corn flour, which are mixed over low heat with ingredients such as vanilla, raw cane sugar, and cinnamon. Don’t leave Puerto Plata without having tried some of the country’s main dishes.