Islands and keys in Puerto Plata

Discover islands and keys in Puerto Plata

In addition to spectacular picturesque beaches, the Dominican Republic is sprinkled with a multitude of incredibly beautiful islands and keys. Banks of white sand lost in the middle of an ocean of calm, crystalline waters. Find the Caribbean you’ve always dreamed of and discover the most awe-inspiring keys in Puerto Plata.

Cayo Arena

This key is located in Punta Rucia, 25 minutes by boat from the city. It’s the crown jewel of Puerto Plata: calm waters the color of the sky where you can dive and go snorkeling among schools of colorful fish. Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful spectacles you can experience in Puerto Plata. There are numerous tour operators who offer round trip journeys to Cayo Arena—also known as Cayo Paraíso, or Paradise Key—from Puerto Plata and include snorkeling equipment.