Monuments in Puerto Plata

Discover all the monuments in Puerto Plata

Beyond being a tourist destination with its heavenly beaches and nature, Puerto Plata is a place that is defined by the joy of its people, its vibrant culture, and its storied past. These are the monuments you must visit in Puerto Plata to learn more about the history of this city of Spanish heritage. 

Cathedral of San Felipe

Like all major cities, Puerto Plata has a magnificent cathedral. Unfortunately, although its foundation dates to the year 1502, a fire caused by restorers completely destroyed it in 1863. The remodeling was not finished until 1956 and it now features a modern Victorian style.

Fortress of San Felipe

One of the most notable monuments of Puerto Plata is the San Felipe fortress. It is located at the top of the hill where the pier ends, right alongside the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean. This defensive castle, named in honor of King Philip II of Spain, was built in 1577 to defend the city from pirate and corsair attacks. From here, you can enjoy one of the best views of all of Puerto Plata. What’s more, its museum houses artifacts from the 18th and 19th century wars.

Plaza de Independencia

The Plaza de Independencia, or Independence Square—also known as the Parque de la Restauración, or Restoration Park—is one of the most charming points of interest where locals meet up to chat. It was ordered built by President Gregorio Luperón in 1872 during the brief period of time when Puerto Plata was the capital of the Dominican Republic. What’s more, this square has some of the most famous Victorian-style buildings in the city, such as the town hall or the San Felipe Cathedral.

Puerto Plata Pier

Another of the most popular places in Puerto Plata is the pier. This nearly 2-mile long boardwalk connects the San Felipe Castle and the popular Long Beach. It’s the perfect place to stroll and enjoy the sea and beautiful views of Puerto Plata, the Bride of the Atlantic.