Museums in Puerto Plata

Discover the best museums in Puerto Plata

The history of the Dominican Republic has many secrets and curiosities that shouldn’t be missed. With origins that go back centuries, Hispaniola was first inhabited by Taíno Indians. The arrival of Columbus in 1492 marked the beginning of the European presence in the Americas. There’s no better way to learn more than to visit the main museums of Puerto Plata.

Amber Museum

The north of the Dominican Republic is also known as the Amber Coast due to the abundance of this semiprecious stone in this part of the island. The Amber Museum, located in the Victorian-style Villa Bentz building, has a comprehensive collection of this mineral, which is millions of years old. The process by which amber is formed is explained in detail at this museum. As a curiosity, insects that were trapped in these stones served as inspiration for the famous movie Jurassic Park. This is one of the museums in Puerto Plata that is worth a visit.

General Gregorio Luperón House Museum

This museum, which was inaugurated in 2012 and located in one of the most beautifully restored Victorian houses in Puerto Plata, is dedicated to General and provisional President Gregorio Luperón, who was from this city. Luperón is considered a national hero in the Dominican Republic, as he was one of the military leaders who fought to restore independence to the island in 1865. The center has a collection of items from the era, ranging from photographs to furniture and clothing.

Jewish Museum

This museum tells the story of the Jewish community that settled in Puerto Plata after fleeing from Nazi Germany. This new group settled in the Sosúa area and worked as ranchers and farmers. The museum has black and white photographs that tell their story.

Brugal Rum Distillery

The most famous product from the Dominican Republic is, without a doubt, Brugal Rum. Take advantage of the opportunity to get to know the process of making the most popular rum in the country, which involves distilling and aging sugar cane to ensure authentic local flavor. The visit to the factory includes a tasting. Nearly 200,000 white American oak barrels are stored in this factory.

Cultural Center

The Cultural Center is found in the historical center of Puerto Plata. The institution holds different cultural and artistic events such as shows, exhibitions, and conferences. It is housed in a lovely building in the Victorian architecture style.

Sosúa Art House

The Sosúa Art House is another of the city’s artistic centers where cultural events are organized. The center houses some of the most famous galleries of art in Puerto Plata.