Nature Parks in Puerto Plata

Discover all the nature parks in Puerto Plata

Beyond the spectacular beaches that make the Dominican Republic famous, this country is a true paradise of nature that has a wide variety of scenery. Discover which nature parks you can visit during your stay in Puerto Plata.

El Choco National Park

Located between the towns of Sosúa and Cabarete, the El Choco National Park is one of the most notable in the country. It has more than 825 square feet of jungle, lagoons, caves, and forests to explore where you can go cycling, hiking, kayaking, or simply relax in the natural pools. This is one of the best places to take in the country’s flora and fauna.

Estero Hondo Marine Mammal Sanctuary

This protected reserve and lagoon is located in Estero Hondo, an hour and a half from Maimón Bay. It plays a very important role in sheltering one of the species at risk of extinction in the country: the manatee. This sanctuary also serves as a protected space for birds. It has a lookout where you can observe these amazing marine mammals.

Isabel de Torres National Park

This is one of the nature parks in Puerto Plata that is easiest to visit. You can get to it via the city’s iconic cable car. It’s one of the smallest protected parks in the country, at nearly 6 square miles in size, but is one of the most visited due to its proximity to Puerto Plata. On the Isabel de Torres Hill, where the cable car stops, you can find the Christ the Redeemer statue and a botanical garden with numerous species that are native to the island. It’s one of the most beautiful natural settings in the country.