Nightlife in Puerto Plata

Discover what to do at night in Puerto Plata

On top of the resort’s night shows, which include dances, music, shows, merengue classes, and much more, the nightlife in Puerto Plata offers a wide variety of bars and clubs with a more authentic, local feel that won’t let you down.


The national dance of the Dominican Republic is merengue. Although its origin is not entirely clear, many experts say that it arose among the slaves who worked on sugar plantations. In any case, this musical genre is enriched by European, aboriginal, and African influences.

Music and dance are two characteristic aspects of the Dominican Republic and of course, in Puerto Plata you’ll find hundreds of spots where you can dance and listen to merengue. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn some steps that are taught in bars or just improvise! If dancing isn’t your thing, don’t worry, because simply watching expert dancers’ merengue movements is a pleasure in and of itself.

Bars and clubs

Going out in Puerto Plata is a sure bet thanks to the great variety of clubs and bars with music for all tastes, from beach bars by the sea and extravagant clubs to small bars with local music.

Smokers’ clubs

One of the main products of Puerto Plata are cigars, so a good plan in Puerto Plata is to go one of its smokers’ clubs. Some that have a good reputation are Vivonte Cigars and Puerto Plata Cigar Club. At Cigar Rum at the Senator Puerto Plata Spa Resort, you will find a wide selection of cigars and cigarillos accompanied by the best liquors.


If you like casinos, the province of Puerto Plata has numerous casinos, starting with the Playa Dorado resorts complex. However, the biggest and most spectacular casinos are the Ocean World Casino in Cofresí or the Ocean Sands Casino & Club in Cabarete, which was recently renovated. The Playa Chiquita Casino, in Sosúa, is also one of the most popular in the area. Choose the one you like best and have an unforgettable night.