Shopping in Puerto Plata

Discover the best souvenirs money can buy in Puerto Plata

There are souvenirs that you can only buy in one place in the world. In the Dominican Republic, products such as rum, cigars, or amber are highly valued and there are many possibilities for buying them. Discover all that you can buy in Puerto Plata and take home an unforgettable souvenir for your loved ones.


The northern coast of the Dominican Republic is known as the Amber Coast. This nickname is due to the great abundance of this yellow-colored semiprecious stone found in the lands of Puerto Plata province. For this reason, you cannot leave the Bride of the Atlantic without taking a keepsake of this mineral.

Another of the most famous semiprecious stones is larimar, a variety of pectolite that is unique in the world. This stunning sky blue stone is only found in the Dominican Republic.

You’ll find numerous jewelry stores with amber and larimar pieces in the Amber Museum, in numerous establishments in the city center, and in the Senator Puerto Plata Spa Resort complex.

Souvenirs and handicrafts

In addition to the famous amber, other national products from the Dominican Republic are rum, cigars, coffee, and cacao from plantations in the interior of the country. In Puerto Plata as well as in the towns of Sosúa and Cabarete, you’ll find many shops with hand-made souvenirs and handicrafts, including merengue instruments, fashion jewelry, and more.


Puerto Plata also has malls, such as the one in Playa Dorada and other smaller malls such as Turisol and la Isabela, where you can buy clothing, shoes, handicrafts, and jewels in addition to many other products.