Waterfalls in Puerto Plata

Discover the best waterfalls in Puerto Plata

The interior of the Dominican Republic hides a well-kept secret: exquisitely beautiful waterfalls deep in verdant jungles. To reach the most spectacular waterfalls in Puerto Plata, you have to set off on an adventure-filled journey that in many cases includes canyoning, wading through cascades, and rappelling.

The 27 waterfalls of Damajagua

This is surely one of the most famous natural wonders in the Dominican Republic. This excursion is only suitable for adventurers who want to experience an exciting journey that is just an hour and a half from the city of Puerto Plata. The 27 Pools of Damajagua are the waterfalls that the river of the same name creates on its path from the highlands of Puerto Plata to the plains. All along the river’s course, it creates eddies and natural pools of crystal-clear water where you can jump, slide, and enjoy a refreshing dip. It’s also surrounded by incredible leafy forests.

Cascada Ciguapa

Another of the most spectacular waterfalls in Puerto Plata is the Ciguapa Waterfall, which has no fewer than 12 cascades that drop from a height of 32 feet. To get there, you have to travel along the river for 2 excitement-packed hours. Most tours leave from Cabarete.

Hongo Mágico

The Hongo Mágico, or Magic Mushroom, is one of the most unique places in Puerto Plata and indeed, the entire island. This waterfall has rocks that have eroded into the unique shape of a mushroom, creating a beautiful water feature. This excursion is only appropriate for people in good physical condition who are adventure lovers, as to get to this place, you have to descend down the river, which has various cascades, as well as rappel.

Charcos de los Militares

Los Charcos de los Militares, or the Soldier’s Pools, is another of the most famous waterfalls in Puerto Plata. It is located in the heart of the island’s plains. They are formed from three waterfalls and have natural pools where you can swim and cool off. To get there, you have to hike for an hour and a half through former sugar cane plantations.